GSoC 2014: KDE Games

Hi everyone!

I am Anuj Pahuja, a Computer Science undergraduate from BITS Pilani, India. It is my first GSoC and I can’t thank KDE Community enough for accepting me as a student.

For my GSoC project, I’ll be porting KDE Games(libkdegames plus three games) to KDE Frameworks 5. libkdegames contains the common code and data for most of the KDE Games. So the porting strategy would be to first port libkdegames and then port some games that would build upon the KF5 libraries and the updated libkdegames package.

As of now, libkdegames has been ported to KF5, free of KDELibs4Support. I’ll be now working on porting KBounce, a puzzle based-arcade game and then test its build against new libkdegames.

I’d like to thank Eike Hein(Sho), my mentor, for his constant help along the project and for reminding me to write this blog post! Will keep updating as the project progresses.


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